My first 100 km ride on my bike!

I got my first bike on my own just for 20k, I used to love cruisers so one of my friends had one old Eliminator bike. As am a short guy I always thought to have a cruiser since it gets me more confident on the road while riding. We always use to go on a ride to Juhu Beach, Once I thought why to keep riding nearby why not go on a little longer ride? I started looking for nearby places it was back in the 2017s. I got the place finally after a lot of research on Google, youtube, etc. It was nearby virar it’s called kelwa beach in palghar district. If someone stays in Mumbai they will know this place, since it’s very famous as a weekend place out of Mumbai.

It was a weekend we planned the ride and thought about what we should carry.
I didn’t introduce my best friend who is been from my school days. He was the one who made me learn to ride a bike. So we planned our trip to kelwa beach which is approx 100km approx and around 3hrs drive from our place.

We got up early morning I was so excited I didn’t have a good sleep so I woke him up. we started our ride by 5 AM early morning when everyone still sleeping and some people must have arrived from clubbing. We were the crazy ones who went for a ride in chilly weather of around 14 degrees Celsius we drove nonstop that winter morning we were so excited we had forgotten that we were wearing a shirt and jeans. It was quite a dark morning. we kept riding from the jungle, roads leaving everyone behind. we didn’t think we would be riding at a speed of 125km/hr. on a bike that is so old, it might get a breakdown in the middle of the highway and we dumb guys knew zero things about bike mechanical parts, but still, we were one full blast mode.

We reached our location at kelwa beach then I realized I was not covered with any mask or anything. My face had got totally tanned out and all the dust was sitting on my face. We went to the beachside and cleaned ourselves and had a nice breakfast over there relaxed for 2-3 hrs and then we came back to our home or I can say our daily life.

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